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Some Explanation about What Is the Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian (Vegetarian Vs Vegan)

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No one wants to get sick or any health problems. Even when it is as simple as flu, it can be quite annoying since doing things will be uncomfortable. That is why now people try many ways to get better health and maintain it for long time. Diet program is one of the popular choices. There are many kinds of diet programs as the options, and being vegetarian is one of the most popular. However, related to vegetarian, some people may also ask what is the difference between vegan and vegetarian (vegetarian vs vegan). This is interesting questions and it is important to know better about these two terms.

People may need to know what is the difference between vegan and vegetarian (vegetarian vs vegan). This is important since some people think that vegetarian and vegan are similar. The only difference is on its letters. Even, some people think that vegan is the abbreviation or shorter version of term for vegetarian. In fact, both of them have different explanation.

  1. General information
    Vegan and vegetarian are different.  It can be said that vegan is category of vegetarian. Vegetarian itself is term for people who consume plant-based foods and avoid the animal-derived products. This becomes the general idea However, vegetarian has many types, and vegan is one of them. Vegan itself is type of vegetarian diet that has strict rules. It only allows people to consume plant-based foods. Even, honey is also excluded from the list of menus. Meanwhile, there are other types that still allow consumption of eggs, dairy products, and even fish. These all depend on specific type of diet. Based on the explanation, it is clear that vegan is different from vegetarian since vegan is more specific and it has strict rules while vegetarian is a term for diet program that focuses on plant-based foods.
  2. Effects of choosing vegan diet
    In this case, general ideas of choosing vegetarian and vegan diet are similar. One of the main goals is to achieve healthier body. However, there are also some people how have concerns in animal. They think that animal should not be consumed and that is why they become vegan. In term of impacts, being vegetarian in general is still better than being vegan. In general term of vegetarian, there are certain types that still allow the consumption of eggs, dairy products, and even fish. These can provide the body with enough protein, calcium, and other specific minerals that only exist in those animal products. Meanwhile, being vegan make people have limited access of calcium, Omega-3, and other nutrients that may only exist in dairy product or eggs. In term of proteins, nuts and seeds can replace, but there are still other nutrients that cannot be replaced.

These two points show the general differences between vegetarian and vegan. In fact, vegan is only one of vegetarian types. In other words, vegan has more specific rules regarding the foods that should be included and excluded from the ingredients. Of course, explanation may also give general idea about what is the difference between vegan and vegetarian (vegetarian vs vegan).  

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