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Many people have many choices regarding their diet options. Recently, trend of being vegetarian also becomes more popular. People think that being vegetarian is healthier and have better long-term effect on the body. However, some people may be confused regarding what can vegetarians eat. Some say that vegetarian should only consume fruits and vegetables. However, there are other people saying that it is fine to consume dairy product. In fact, it depends on specific types of vegetarian and there are some of them that people should know.

It is true that being vegetarian is good way to achieve better health. However, types of food that should be consumed depend on the type of vegetarian diet. There are some of them and each of them has specific characteristic.

  1. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian
    This is the first type of vegetarian. Regarding what can vegetarians eat, someone do not eat meat, fish, and poultry. However, they are still able to consume eggs and dairy products. That is why there can be more options of protein and fat source.
  2. Lacto-vegetarian
    This is similar to the first type as mentioned above. However, egg should also be avoided. Meanwhile, dairy products are still consumable in this type of diet. That is why milks and cheese are still possible to exist in the menus.
  3. Ovo-vegetarian
    In this type of diet, someone should avoid fish, meat, and poultry. There are also dairy products that must be avoided. However, they are able to consume eggs.
  4. Pescetarian
    For this type of vegetarian, the only ingredients that should be avoided are meat and poultry. The fish is allowed. Then, it is still fine to consume the dairy milks and eggs.
  5. Vegan diet
    Some people may think that vegan is the same as vegetarian. However, it is actually only one of the types. Vegan means that someone should avoid all food products and ingredients coming from animal. Animal-derived products cover meats, poultry, eggs, dairy products, and even honey.
  6. Flexitarian diet
    As its name, this is quite flexible type of vegetarian. Someone consumes vegetables and fruits. However, it is still fine to have animal-derived products occasionally.

Those are some types of vegetarian. From the description, it is quite clear that each of them has characteristic of foods that should be avoided and allowed to maintain the diet program. In general, it is true that the composition animal-derived products are limited, and the focus is on the food that needs vegetables and fruits.

In this case, it is important to at least have 40% of fruits and vegetables in plate portion. Even if it is possible to have frozen foods, it is still recommended to have the fresh ones since it is safer and has fewer extras in the composition. Then, 38% of the portion is for carbohydrate. It can be bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes and cereals. The 12% portion is for protein. It can be from seeds, nuts, and even dairy products and eggs. The remaining portion is for oils, seasoning, and other ingredients. These are some compositions of what can vegetarians eat.

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