Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian Meals that Can Be Cooked Easily and Quickly

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Starting a vegetarian diet may not be easy. You need time to adapt, and one of the hardest parts is to exclude any animal-derived products. You cannot have any kinds of meat in your menu. You may think that you are not able to have delicious meals anymore since you have no meats in your menus. However, it is not as bad as what you think. Being vegetarian still gives you plenty of opportunities to have delicious meals, even when you plan to cook by yourself.

You can find many ideas of tasty vegetarian meals. There are many recipes that you can find. When you need some recommendation, there are some lists of meals that surely will not make you regret choosing the vegetarian as your diet program.

  1. Caprese pasta salad
    From its name, it is already clear that it is combination of pasta and salad. Regarding the taste, you do not need to doubt it. You will successfully get tasty menu. The main ingredient is pasta and cherry tomatoes. When you want to make it more flavorful, you can add mozzarella cheese ball. Of course, you need basil and white balsamic vinegar to make it into perfect salad. This is great option for lunch, and it is safe to store them in case you want to make big portions so you can have the meal for another day.
  2. Vegetarian tortilla soup
    When you want to have tortilla and spicy soup as your meal, this is good option. The tortilla will become main ingredients for the soup. Regarding the soup, you can have curry powder that never fails to give great taste. In case you want to have spicy flavor, you only need to add chili powder or sauces into the soup. Tomatoes, lentils, and peas are enough to make your soup delicious enough to make you satisfied and full.
  3. Vegetable fried rice
    Fried rice becomes best option for anyone who wants to get tasty and simple dish. As vegetarian, you can still enjoy fried rice with full of vegetables. In this case, you only need to have regular ingredients and seasoning as when you are cooking your fried rice. The difference is on its vegetables as replacement of the sausages, meats, and other animal-based foods. You can have broccoli or cauliflower. Then, lentils or peas are great for richer texture. When you want to have other vegetables, you can add carrots and red pepper.
  4. Spaghetti with lentils and marinara sauce
    Marinara sauce is great type of sauces with rich flavor. It is good option when you want to make variation of spaghetti. In case you do not want to have cheese to give creamy texture for your spaghetti, you can have this marinara sauce. Then, it can be poured and mixed with the noodle. To make it better, you can have roasted lentils. The lentils may also be cooked together with the marinara sauces so these can have better taste once all elements are combined with the spaghetti. This surely becomes easy and tasty options of vegetarian meal, especially the taste coming from its marinara sauce.

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