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Recommendations of Easy and Simple Vegetarian Food List for Beginners

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Health becomes important factors. That is why now people have gained more awareness regarding this aspect. One of the ways to achieve healthier body is by maintaining good diet program. In this case, being vegetarian is popular. This is not just popular, but it brings good benefits. It helps people to lose weights. Then, it can be good ways to manage the cholesterol and sugar in the body. Moreover, it is good way to prevent cancers and heart problems. That is why people are interested in this diet program. When you are also one of these people, you may need to know vegetarian food list for beginners. These can become useful suggestions.

It is not totally easy to become vegetarian. You need to change your diet and even you may have to avoid some of favorite foods. In general, vegetarian has great concern on plant-based foods, and animal-derived products are avoided. However, there are more specific types of vegetarian with specific foods that should be excluded. In this case, you may need to know some recommended food list as your references, and these are some of them.

  1. Day 1
    You can have breakfast of oatmeal that is combined with fruits and flaxseeds. As for the lunch, you can have grilled vegetables and hummus wrap. It can be combined with potato fries that may later be spared for snacks. Next, you can have nice dinner of tofu banh mi sandwich. You can get complete recipe for each of them.
  2. Day 2
    In the morning, you can have scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mushroom and garlic. Since some types of vegetarian diets still allow eggs, this is possible choices. Then, there is zucchini boat with vegetables and tomato soups. In the evening, you can have chickpea curry. You can have basmati rice that will become sources of your carbohydrate. 
  3. Day 3
    Next recommendation of vegetarian food list for beginners can be Greek yogurt with berries and chia seeds. This also needs to pay attention to the specific type of vegetarian diet since there is lacto-vegetarian that still includes dairy products in the menu. For the lunch, you can have burrito bowl with vegetables and beans, and avocadoes. In the evening, you can eat vegetable paella and a salad as the additional dish.
  4. Day 4
    There are still many combinations of menus. For example, you can have whole-wheat toast with nutritional yeast or avocado for your breakfast. Whole-wheat is chosen since it can make you full faster than the processed wheat. Then, you can have nice lunch by consuming marinated tofu and Greek salad. In the dinner, there is quinoa black-bean meatball with zucchini noodles. The name may be meatball, but it does not mean that you have to use meat as ingredient.

These are some recommendations of menu or food lists that you can try. Most of the menus are easy to make. Since it involves vegetables and fruits, mostly it does not require you to have good cooking skills. You may also get information of recipes for the vegetarian food list for beginners in the internet. With these, starting your life as vegetarian will not be too difficult.


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