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Recommended Portions for Vegetarian Diet Plan

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There are many ways to maintain health. Some people focus on taking exercises or workouts regularly. However, this may not be enough. Even if the metabolism gets better and the fats are burnt, nutrition should also get the concern. That is why there are diet programs. Diet programs are available for those who have concerns on how they consume foods. By maintaining good diet program, it is possible to get healthier body. There are many choices, and vegetarian is one of them. Of course, there are many kinds of vegetarian diet plan, but portion is what is needed to make sure that body gets enough nutrients.

Vegetarian has many types. However, in general, vegetarian restricts or avoid the consumption of animal-derived products. These are something important that should get attention. Even so, there are still some types that allow the consumption of the products occasionally or allow specific products, such as eggs or dairy products. In term of recommendation of portion, these can become general suggestions of vegetarian diet plan.

  1. Fruits and vegetables
    In vegetarian, fruits and vegetables are the core aspects of foods. That is why portions for fruits and vegetables get the highest percentage. It is recommended to have around 40% in every serving. Of course, it is not only for things served in plate, but it can be consumed as juices or snacks. Almonds or edamame can become good choice of health snacks for vegetarian. In this case, fruits and vegetables are not only sources of vitamins. In fact, there are also fibers and minerals in them. Although it is fine to have processed foods, it is better to choose and consume the fresh fruits and vegetables. The main reason is the additional substances added in the product, such as salt, sweetener, or other kinds of additives.
  2. Carbohydrate
    Vegetarian still requires carbohydrate. Some fruits and vegetables may have carbohydrates, but there are more recommended sources that should be consumed. Rice, potatoes, and bread are good choices. Then, there are also pastas and cereals. Oats may also become part of the recommendation. These provide enough energy sources to do activities. Moreover, most sources of carbohydrates can provide fiber that is good for digestion. As for its portion, it covers around 28% of the whole meals.
  3. Protein
    In general, protein is important aspect of nutrients. There are many types of proteins that will be needed by the body. Related to vegetarian, it can quite tricky for those who have to avoid animal-derived products. It is because mostly protein can be found in these products, especially the eggs and dairy products. However, there are some types of vegetarian that still allows one of these products to be consumed. When there is total restriction on the animal-derived product, protein can be obtained from seeds and nuts. There are also legumes or tofu to choose. As for the recommendation portion, at least it should have around 12% of total meals.
  4. Oils and seasoning
    The remaining portions can be given to oils and seasoning. Vegetable oils are common to find. However, it is better to have the olive oils or sunflower oils although the price can be higher. Then, seasoning is not always about sugar and salt. There honey, nutmeg, and other options that can be included in the vegetarian diet plan 

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