Vegetarian Meals

Variations of Meals with Vegetarian Style

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Vegetarian diet is always about vegetables. There are also fruits, especially for juices or smoothies. In this type of diet, you cannot have animal-derived products so these are replaced by vegetables. Some types of vegetarian still allow you to have dairy products, eggs, and even fish, so it depends on the types. Thus, you will not have problems in making the menus for your meals. There are many ideas that you can try and various kinds of vegetables can be combined to become something tasty.

There are surely many vegetarian menus and meals. Even when you have to exclude all types of animal-derived products including the cheese, eggs, and mayonnaise, you still can have plenty of options. When you have no idea about what you should cook, you can check some ideas of meals below.

  1. Walnut-lentil Bolognese
    First, you can have Bolognese. When you hear the menu, maybe you will think that it will not be tasty without minces and other kinds of meat. However, Bolognese is mostly about the texture of noodle that you are going to use and the sauce. Then, you only need to have additional ingredients to improve the taste. In this case, you will have combination and lentils and walnut for the menu. Lentils will accompany the noodle, and walnut will be cooked and made into the sauce. It is like bringing these two ingredients into new level of vegetarian meals.
  2. Salad
    This becomes the most common foods as vegetarian. Even, some people may think that salad is one of the main meals for vegetarian. However, salad itself has many variations depending on the vegetables added into the ingredients. Salad can also be served with other combination. For example, you can have roasted sweet potatoes added into your salad. Potatoes will become the starchy food to provide you with enough energy, and there are some vegetables to provide the other nutrients. Avocadoes, kale, and black beans are some of vegetables that you can choose.
  3. Pumpkin soup
    If you want to try cooking pumpkin but you have no idea of meal that you can make, you can try the pumpkin soup. Of course, this will be vegetarian version so you do not need to expect of having meats in the soup. The soup will be cooked by using curry powder. The strong taste of spices will become great characteristic of the menu. Then, texture coming from the pumpkin will give creamy texture that will work well with the curry flavor.
  4. Tofu with peanut sauce
    Next, you can have tofu. Tofu can become ingredients for various menus. Texture and taste of tofu can become great replacement of meat. Of course, it is tasty. One of the meals that you can have is the tofu with peanut sauce. Tofu is stir-fried in high heat, and then you add the peanut sauce and other seasoning. When you also want to add tomatoes or other vegetables, it is also fine to try. Even when you only have tofu and peanut sauce as the main ingredients, it will not fail to make you satisfied with this simple and fast meal.

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