Vegetarian Recipes

Three Options of Vegetarian Recipes

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Being healthy is easy. If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, you can pay attention to what you eat. It is because the foods can determine what you gain. When you eat healthy food, you can get proper nutrients and there will be fewer chemicals that can harm your body. It will be different when you keep consuming junk foods and unhealthy foods. You may get nutrients, but there are fats and other substances that will bring bad impact. In case you have no idea of what you should eat, you can try having vegetarian diet. There are vegetarian recipes as your recommendation. Since most of your foods are vegetables and fruits, these are healthier and it becomes good way to prevent health issues.

Sometimes, it may sound boring to have vegetarian diet. You only have vegetables and fruits. In fact, there are many kinds of plant-based foods as ingredients. You can combine them into good menu. Of course, it will be much better when you have some recommendations of vegetarian recipes. At least, you will know something tasty and appetizing.

  1. Vegetarian tacos
    Tacos always become delicious foods. This provides you with good combination of textures. Of course, tacos are not always about meat. You can have vegetarian tacos. Instead of using meats, you can have avocado dip as the creamy texture. Then, onions and refried beans can give richer taste. You may also have some garnishes. For example, cabbage is good choices. Fresh cabbage gives crunchy and fresh texture. Then, fresh cilantro always works well when you use it as garnish.
  1.  Veggie Chinese pancakes
    Chinese pancakes are delicious. One of the important elements is the duck. However, you cannot have this as vegetarian. That is why you should find replacement without losing its great taste. One of the good plant-based foods that can replace meat is mushroom. It gives similar texture and taste. As for recommendation, you can have chestnut mushroom as filler for the Chinese pancakes. For additional texture, you can choose cucumber. The seasoning will use soy sauce, spice powder, hoisin sauce, onion, gem lettuce, and rice wine. These all are perfect to get tasty and healthy Chinese pancakes without meats.
  1. Spiced carrot and lentil soup
    This is good recommendation of vegetarian menu. Specifically, this is suitable if you are choosing lacto-vegetarian diet where you can have dairy products in your ingredients. In case you choose other types of vegetarian diet that does not allow any dairy product, you can replace the milk with coconut milk that still give creamy texture on the soup. As its name, carrot and lentils are two important ingredients. Then, you can have chilli flakes, olive oils, cumin seeds, and vegetable stocks to give good taste.

These are some recommendation of recipes that you can try. As for the details of its cooking preparation and process, you can check in websites and it will not be hard to get the instructions. These all are healthy vegetarian recipes. You will have good variations of vegetables to make nice foods. With these recipes, you will never get bored and your life as vegetarian will be great.

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