Vegetarian Meals

Three Options of Simple Vegetarian Meals

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Being vegetarian makes you eat meatless foods. For some people, it may not be easy. In the early weeks of transition from the normal to vegetarian diet, it can be quite hard to adapt. When you are also in the same condition, surely you know the difficulties. However, this is not big problem. It may take some time to adapt, but it will be good for your body. At least, you can have better nutrition and you have lower risks of some serious health problems. Moreover, being vegetarian is not bad idea. Although you cannot have meat and other animal-derived products, you still can enjoy various menus with vegetables and fruits.

Some people think that it is not easy to make vegetable meals. You need to combine various vegetables and these involve good cooking skills. In fact, being healthy does not mean that you have to have good cooking skills. There are some easy vegetarian meals that will not take much time to cook it. Even, ingredients will be easy to obtain. Moreover, most types of vegetarian still include eggs or dairy products, so you still can get more options to make your food tasty. These are some of them.

  1. Pasta
    Pasta is one of the options. When you make pasta, you may need to have meaty ingredients. However, it is not compulsory to do so. In fact, what is important in pasta is the penne and tomato sauce. When you have these two ingredients, it is more than enough to get the delicious meals. Of course, you can also add other vegetables in your pasta. You may add broccoli or cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, spinach, or lettuce. You can chop the green leaves into small pieces so they can taste better. Of course, you can have mushroom. Shiitake and chestnuts will never fail to make your pasta look tasty.
  2. Vegetarian burger
    Next, you can have burger. Of course, you cannot have ham or meaty ingredients as the center of your burger. However, you can easily replace this main ingredient with other veggie-based foods. You can replace the meat by using mixture of mushroom, grains, and black beans. These three are more than enough to create nice replacement of meat. Of course, you need the nice buns, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and delicious tomato sauce as the additional ingredients. Mushroom always works wells when you need replacement of meat with similar texture and taste.
  3. Fried rice
    Next, you can have fried rice. In your fried rice, you can have eggs when your vegetarian diet does not exclude it. Then, you can use the brown rice that has better nutrient and taste. Next, you can choose olive oil to get better flavor and fragrance. As for the veggies, you can have cubed carrots, chopped spinach, baby kale, onion, peas, bell pepper, and broccoli. These are enough to create delicious meals. It works well and you do not need to have special cooking skills to make the vegetarian fried rice. Of course, it is totally healthy since you have olive oil and brown rice in there together with the veggies.

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