Vegetarian Recipes

Some Simple Ideas of Vegetarian Recipes

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Being vegetarian may not be easy for some people. They have to avoid meats and other animal-derived products. Meanwhile, these always become parts of tasty foods, especially the junk foods. However, it does not mean that vegetarian recipes cannot give you delicious taste. It is true that the main ingredients are fruits and vegetables. However, combinations of these ingredients and proper seasoning or spices will give great dish. Even, it can be tastier than the foods with meaty ingredients. That is why you do not need to worry about the vegetarian diet. You still can get plenty of tasty foods for your meals.

Each vegetable and fruit has different characteristic. There are different tastes and nutrients contained by each of them. Preparing vegetarian menus are like combining each of the characteristic to get great meal. It is very possible to do. Even, some simple vegetarian recipes still can give you good taste, and you will be satisfied once you have tried the menus.

  1. Vegetable lasagna
    Lasagna commonly has meats or ground beefs as part of the element, and it becomes important one. In vegetable lasagna, you cannot have beefs or meats since it is dedicated for vegetarian. However, there are eggs and cheese. This should be attention especially for the vegan diet. The vegan diet excludes all animal-derived products, so it is only suitable for some types of vegetarian that include the eggs and dairy products in the ingredients. Since it is lasagna, you need lasagna noodle. As for the replacement of meat, you have mushroom. It can be chestnut or shiitake mushroom. The other ingredients are similar to regular lasagna. Thus, you will have onion, garlic, pasta sauce, basil, and eggs. Then, you have three types of cheese. There are ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses.
  1. Fried rice
    Fried rice can also become option of vegetarian menus. You can make simple fried rice, and you only need to exclude all animal-based products. Then, you will get your simple menu of vegetarian. However, this may not be good enough since you are lack of nutrients from the ingredients. When you want to have healthy and tasty vegetarian fried rice, you can replace the rice with brown rice. This is healthier and it has nutty flavour that makes your meal much better. Then, you can have bell peppers, baby peas, spinach, baby kale, and other veggies. These are great combinations to get delicious menu. When you want to make it healthier, you can use peanut oil to fry the rice and other ingredients.

These two are some good options of vegetarian menus. You can make them quite easily. Of course, there are still many other choices when you talk about the vegetarian recipes. There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits. When you want to have certain menus with fruits, you can have many options of smoothie and juices. You can replace the sugar with honey to make it healthier. In making the menu for vegetarian meals, what you need to do is to know what type of vegetarian that you choose. Each of them has different type of foods that you should exclude. For example, there is lacto-ovo-vegetarian that still includes eggs and dairy products. Meanwhile, there is vegan diet program that exclude all animal-derived products, including honey and mayonnaise.

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