Vegetarian Meals

Some Ideas of Tasty Vegetarian Meals

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Choosing vegetarian diet is good option to have healthier body. When you have no idea of any diet programs that you should choose, vegetarian is nice. This is popular diet and it is not difficult to follow. In term of benefit, you can lose weight and even it is helpful to prevent cancers and heart attack. Vegetarian is quite simple since you only need to have plant-based foods as the main ingredients. Then, you need to exclude meats and other animal derived-products.

As a vegetarian, you have plenty of foods and menus. You do not need to worry about the variations of food that you can eat. There are many vegetables and fruits that you can combine to make delicious meals. These are some of them.

  1. Vegetarian fried rice
    Fried rice is delicious foods for breakfast and dinner. Then, it is also easy to cook. In this case, you can have fried rice in vegetarian version. It is easy to make and basically it is similar to common fried rice. However, you cannot have meats or sausage since it is vegetarian. As for the ingredients, you can add many veggies. As for the reference, you can peas, broccoli, carrots, and cabbages. If you want to make it healthier, you can choose brown rice instead of the regular rice.
  2. Lentil soup
    If want to have soup, you can try lentil soup. The main ingredient is lentil, so it is great when you want to have vegetarian recipe with high level of protein. However, the main aspect that makes it tasty is not the lentil. To get greater taste, it is not just regular soup, but you need curry powder and lemon juice. Combination of various spices and the fresh taste of the lemon juice become great aspect to strengthen the taste. In term of vegetables, you can add carrots, tomatoes, and other options to combine the lentils.
  3. Vegetarian tacos
    When you have something tasty and meaty, you can have tacos. Of course, you will not use any kinds of meat products for the tacos ingredient. You need to replace it with other ingredients. When you look for something meaty in term of texture and taste, you can choose mushroom. Then, you can have roasted lentils and cauliflower as the additional ingredients to fill the tacos. In order to make it perfect, you can use creamy chipotle sauce. This surely becomes extraordinary recipe.
  4. Vegetable pizza
    Pizzas normally have sausages, beefs, bacon, and other animal-derived products. In fact, you still can have pizza in vegetarian version. The basic ingredients are cheese, tomato sauces, and dough. When you have these three points, you can add any additional vegetables to make tasty pizza for you and your family. Broccoli, spinach, and other veggies can be combined to make flavorful pizza.

These are some variations of vegetarian meals. You will never run out of ideas. There are many kinds of vegetables that you can cook by using many methods. Even meaty recipes still can be applied to the vegetarian style by replacing the meats with the vegetables. You can be creative to make the tasty and healthy menus.

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