Vegetarian Meals

Simple Vegetarian Meals with Easy Cooking Steps

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There are many kinds of diet program. Each of them has different characteristic on foods or ingredients that people should eat and exclude from the lists of ingredients. Among many diet programs, vegetarian is one of the most popular. Even, now there are restaurants that provide menu for vegetarians. Thus, the diet program becomes more popular. Lately, people also grow greater awareness of their health, and this vegetarian diet becomes choice. When you also want to choose this type of diet, you can start from now. It is surely good choice.

It is true that being vegetarian means that you should consume meatless foods. These are the basic rules, although in fact you should avoid most animal-derived products. In this case, some types of vegetarian still allow you to have eggs or dairy products as your foods. Regardless of the excluded foods, you can get various foods. These are possible to do since many kinds of vegetables can be found, so you have various options of menus. Then, there are some easy vegetarian meals that you should try. These are easy to make, yet the tastes are great.

  1. Spring rolls
    Spring rolls become one of the easy and simple vegetarian meals. This is great as snacks or appetizer. The foods are quite common in Asia, and it is very easy to make. Basically, spring rolls are veggies that are wrapped in thin pastry and fried. This is very easy to make. You can have many options of veggies to fill the inside of spring rolls. Mostly, it has carrots, cabbages, and eggs. You can add other vegetables in there. Once they are fried, it is best to serve when the rolls are still warm. It will be perfect when you have chili and tomato sauces.
  2. Tofu
    It is still about Asian foods. In Asian countries, there are many kinds of menu using tofu as the main ingredients. Tofu is great ingredient that can become replacement of meat. You can make tofu into various dishes. Even when you want to make it simple, you can just stir fry the tofu, and eat them with rice and sauce. It can also be made into soup with other vegetables. This is totally healthy since it is made of soya. In addition to tofu, Asian foods also have tempeh. This is similar to tofu, and even it has similar process of production.
  3. Eggs
    It seems that no one can ignore eggs. When you choose type of vegetarian diet which allows eggs, then you can have plenty of variations. Eggs are like flexible ingredients that even it can become single and main ingredients. This is like tofu since these two become source of protein although they have different taste and texture. With eggs, you can have simple scrambled eggs. When you want to get source of carbohydrate, you can combine it with potatoes. For example, scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes are perfect combination. Then, you can have vegetable omelet. Other than these options, you still have various options of vegetarian meals with eggs and you can make your own variations.

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