Vegetarian Meals

Simple Ideas of Tasty Vegetarian Meals

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There are many kinds of diet programs. Each of them has different characteristics in term foods that they should include and exclude in the ingredients. Among those diet programs, vegetarian diet can be considered as one of the most popular and easiest diets. Basically, vegetarian is about vegetables and fruits, so meat and other animal-based foods are excluded from ingredients. This may take time to adapt for some people, but it is not too difficult to do. There are plenty of vegetables that can be cooked into delicious meals, and spices are still available to provide great flavors.

When you are interested to become vegetarian, there are many meal ideas. When you are someone with great cooking skills, of course it will not be difficult to combine vegetables into something tasty. However, when you may not have enough time to cook, there are still some simple meals and these are still tasty and healthy. These are some ideas that you can try.

  1. Chickpea wraps
    First, you can try chickpea wraps. As what its name shows, you will have chickpea as the main ingredients. When you want to have something refreshing, you can add diced mango or cucumber. Pineapples and some herbs can also be added as filling of the wraps. Cilantro and mint are good choice. This is going to become tasty and fresh meals. Of course, it is very easy to cook and you will not need much time. This is great for lunch, and it can be clean and simple dish.
  2. Eggplant sandwiches
    Next, you can have sandwiches. There are many ideas of vegetarian sandwiches. When you want to have something different, you can choose eggplant. The eggplant is sliced and grilled before these are added into the sandwich. Then, it can be combined with tomatoes and cheese. There are many kinds of cheese, but you may choose goat cheese when you want to have something with strong flavor. This is going to become easy and fast meal and you will not need much time to prepare the meals.
  3. Sweet potatoes with black beans
    When those two meals are not enough, you can have the third idea. It has sweet potatoes combined with some vegetables. Sweet potatoes will become the main sources of carbohydrate. Then, the other nutrients can be obtained from the black beans, cilantro, carrots, and also sweet corns. When you want to have richer flavor, you can add peanut butter. This is simple, but you can get complete nutrition from the foods.
  4. Fried tofu and black pepper sauce
    Tofu becomes one of the popular ingredients for vegetarian. When you want to have this type of ingredient, there are many variations of meals. One of the easiest one is the fried tofu with black pepper sauce. You only need to fry the tofu and later you can add the sauce. Tofu will absorb the sauce to give nice taste. Then, you can also add beans. When these are still not enough, it is fine to add chestnut or shitake mushrooms. You only need to cook them with the sauce for awhile, and the meal will be ready to serve.

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