Vegetarian Meals

Simple and Quick Vegetarian Meal Ideas

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Some people think that being vegetarian is not easy. This may make you think twice before choosing this diet program. In fact, it is not difficult to follow the vegetarian diet program. It is true that you cannot have meats and other animal-derived products. However, it does not make you suffer since vegetables can become cooked into various delicious meals. You may need to time to adapt, but you will find that vegetarian meals can be both healthy and tasty. There are many kinds of vegetables that can become ingredients, so you can have plenty of recipes.

It is true that being vegetarian can become best choice of healthy diet. It has clear restriction or regulation in term of foods that you should and should not consume. There are also many ideas of meals since now people also choose the diet programs. When you have no ideas of foods other than the vegetable salads, these are some of the good ideas of meals.

  1. Mushroom burgers
    Burgers are great since you can get thick meats as the centre of burger. However, you cannot have this type of meals when you start being vegetarian. In fact, you can have replacement of the meats, and you can choose mushroom. When you are looking for healthy replacement of meats, mushroom always become recommendation since its taste and texture is quite similar to meats. In this case, mushrooms can be minced and shaped so it can imitate the meats as what you have in burgers. Then, you can add sauces and vegetables as what you commonly find in burger. This is going to be flavorful burger.
  2. Vegetarian pizza
    This is also similar case to the burgers. People mostly think that pizza must have various types of meaty products. In fact, main ingredients of pizza are dough, sauces, and cheese. As long as you have these types of ingredients, you can have nice pizza. Since it is going to be a vegetarian pizza, you can have spinach, sweet corns, tomatoes, and other veggies added as the topping of your pizza. You can choose what you want to have on there, and most vegetables can work well in pizza.
  3. Vegetarian chili soup
    When you want to have creamy soup, you can try this meal. This is going to be easy and you do not need to have special cooking skills. The basic ingredients are sun-dried tomatoes, beans, and mushrooms. These three are great options and you can find them easily in stores. Then, you can find curry powder when you do not want to get confused in preparing the spices. Since it is going to be spicy soup, you need chili powder. All of these combinations are great and it does not take much effort to cook the meal.
  4. Spinach quesadillas
    Quesadillas can have many options of filling. When you want to make it into vegetarian meals, of course you only need to find vegetables as the ingredients. You can simply choose spinach. This is tasty vegetable that will work well with quesadillas. You only need to cook the spinach and remove it as soon as the leaves wilt. It is necessary so you can get cooked spinach without losing its crunchy texture. Then, you can add tomatoes and quesadilla sauces.

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