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Quiche Traybake Recipe for Your Vegetarian Meal

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Consuming healthy foods becomes one of the methods to stay healthy. However, this may not be enough when you want to achieve greater results. It is much better to follow certain diet program. This will be more effective to maintain good health, and even it has better calculation in term of nutrition in each serving. In this case, vegetarian diet is one of the options. This can become good choice when you want to have easy and simple diet. Compared to other diet program, vegetarian can be considered as simpler since basically you only need to exclude animal-derived products, and you will have plant-based foods. These include the vegetables and fruits.

You will not need to worry about what you should eat. What you should avoid is the animal-based products. Meanwhile, you can have plenty options of vegetables and fruits. This means that you are able to get many variations of recipe. Even if you cannot have animal-derived products, you still can get tasty menus yet it is still healthy. As for the recommendation of the recipes, you can have quiche traybake. This is food that you will bake, so it is nice when you want to get something interesting instead of the soups. These are the ingredients and cooking processes.

  • Ingredients

o    250g pack of filo pastry

o    1 large courgette

o    6 medium free-range eggs

o    55g mature cheddar cheese

o    1 bunch of spring onion

o    300g broccoli

o    Olive oil

  • Cooking Instructions

1.     Prepare your oven and preheat it to 180 degree Celsius.

2.     Get a roasting tray. Grease the tray with your olive oil.

3.     Crack and beat the eggs into the bowl.

4.     Get your filo pastry sheets and arrange them on the tray. You will make some layers starting from the horizontal layer to the vertical layer. Before adding new layer, you can brush the egg on the pastry sheet. Arrange the pastry well so it later can contain the topping.

5.     Slice the spring onions and place them into bowl. Grate the cheese and courgette, and then place them into the bowl with the onion. Add sea salt and black pepper for seasoning and mix them together.

6.     Pour the mixture into the layer of pastry. Spread the mixture evenly on the pastry. Then, sprinkle the remaining cheese on the top of it.

7.     Cook the pastry and its mixture for around 35 minutes. When the pastry is golden, it is set and ready to serve.

The recipe may not be suitable for all types of vegetarian. It is because there are eggs and cheese. Some vegetarian types, especially vegan, exclude all types of animal-derived products, including the eggs and dairy products. Thus, it should get attention. Of course, the eggs can be replaced cream cheese in case you cannot have eggs in your diet programs. Next, other vegetables can be added, such as peas, spinach, and even mushroom to give meaty texture and taste. The ingredients mentioned above become the basic ingredients, and you can add other ingredients that you may want to have in the recipe.

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