Vegetarian Recipes

Pizza and Other Options of Vegetarian Recipes

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Nowadays, people have greater awareness of their health. That is why there are also many diet programs introduced as a way to get healthier. One of the popular diet programs is vegetarian. Vegetarian also has some types of variations. Each of them has different types of rules regarding the foods that you should exclude. In general, meats, poultry, fish, and pork are excluded. Meanwhile, eggs and dairy products are still allowed in some types of vegetarian diets. In this case, of course you will have vegetables and fruits as your main ingredients. Fortunately, there are many choices of plant based vegetarian recipes. That is why you will not run out of ideas or recipes to make delicious meals for your vegetarian diet program.

Vegetarian menus and recipes are not difficult to make. Even if you have to combine some variations of fruits and vegetables, there are some easy recipes. You are able to find the references and information in many websites. If you need some references, these are some ideas of vegetarian recipes.

  1. Blueberry smoothie bowl
    You can have nice smoothie for the first recipe. This is like combination between smoothie and cereal. As for the ingredients, blueberries are the main ingredient as what its name implies. Then, there are banana, cashew butter, and water. You can add sliced almonds and shredded coconut as toping for the smoothie. This can become nice option of recipe that you can try. You do not need to cook any of its ingredients. What you need to do is to place and arrange them into the bowl. After that, you can serve it or have it for yourself. It has no sugar or sweetener, so it is healthier as a vegetarian recipe.
  1.  Pesto pizza
    Pizza never makes people disappointed. However, it may sound tricky to have pizza for vegetarian. You cannot have meat, bacon, sausage, and other meaty ingredients. However, it does not mean that vegetarian pizza will not be tasty. In this case, it is more suitable for types of vegetarian diet that allows dairy products. Even if there is no meat, there are cheeses that will become part of its ingredient. That is why it should get attention. As for complete ingredient, you need a pre-baked pizza. It is better choice compared to making the pizza from the dough. Then, you need pesto, ripe tomatoes, green bell pepper, and chopped black olives. To get stronger taste, you can add red onion and artichoke heart. As for the main part, you add feta cheese. The process is similar to process of making and cooking regular pizza. The main different is about its ingredients.
  1. Vegetarian pasta
    In addition to pizza, you can also turn pasta into vegetarian dish. Of course, it is not suitable for vegan diet program since you will have butter and whipping cream in which there are animal-derived products as their ingredients. As for the main ingredient, you have mushroom. This becomes important element since mushroom can replace meat. The ingredient has meaty texture and taste, so it is good choice. Then, you need zucchini as the noodle, shallots, fresh basil, and cherry tomatoes. Olive oil and whipping cream is two important ingredients to give creamy texture. Then, you have salt and ground black pepper as seasoning for the menu. It will become one of the nice vegetarian recipes.

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