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Important Food Compositions of How to be a Healthy Vegetarian

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Some people now start to look for suitable diet program. They have greater awareness of their health, and they want to improve it so they can prevent potential health issues that can appear from the foods that they eat. There are surely many options of diet program. Vegetarian is one of the most popular and this has existed for long time. People have tried the diet and they get good results. However, it does not mean that you will directly become healthy by being vegetarian. It is still important to know how to be a healthy vegetarian, and this is determined by composition of ingredients and plant-based food that you eat.

Being vegetarian means prioritizing the plant-based food. Meanwhile, you restrict the consumption of animal-derived products. Regarding what you should restrict, it depends on the type of vegetarian diet that you want to choose. There are some types of vegetarian diets, and each of them has specific restriction. Even, there is vegan diet that restricts all types of animal-derived products, while there are diet programs that still allow eggs or dairy products. In this case, you need to choose the most suitable for you. Regarding how to be a healthy vegetarian, you can check the points below.

  1. Fruits and vegetables
    First point is of course about fruits and vegetables. You need to have good combination of these two foods. You cannot just eat one or two types, but at least you need to take around 5 variations. This is important to get complete nutrition since each vegetable and fruit contains different vitamins and minerals. When you have more variations, you can also gain more benefits. You can have canned and frozen foods, but it is always better to have the fresh ones so you will not have artificial substances and additional chemicals in your body. These can be served as main dish, but you can also have them as snacks and juices.
  2. Starchy foods
    Next, you should also have starchy foods as the base of every portion. Even when you want to lose weight by being vegetarian, you need to include the starchy foods. These are the main sources of carbohydrate, which will become your energy. Moreover, you can also get fiber, calcium, and other minerals. You can have bread, pasta, rice, and oat meal. There are some options that you can choose. As for better options, it is advised to have wholegrain as the consideration since it is better and can make you full faster.
  3. Protein sources
    This can be tricky part as a vegetarian. It is because vegetarian must restrict and exclude food from animal. Meanwhile, meats and other animal-derived products contain protein. Of course, some types of vegetarian still allow the consumption of fish, eggs, or dairy products. In fact, it is not big problem at all. There are vegetables that can provide enough protein, and it comes from beans, legumes, seeds. Nuts are also included as protein sources. That is why you will not need to worry even when you choose being vegan that restricts all animal-based foods. Thus, you get the solution of how to be a healthy vegetarian.

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