Vegetarian Foods

Ideas of Tasty and Healthy Vegetarian Foods

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Being healthy is easy. Some people may still think that it takes much effort to get better health. It is true that it may be difficult to achieve when you cannot remove the junk foods from your list of foods. However, once you pay attention to what you eat, you are going to feel the difference. It is because what you eat determines your health. When you eat healthy foods, it is not impossible for you to get healthier condition. That is why diet program becomes one of possible solutions for those who want to be free from health issues. In this case, being vegetarian is one of the ways. By choosing this diet, you are going to have plenty of vegetarian foods that will bring you incredible effect.

Being vegetarian makes you unable to have meats and animal-derived products. You may think that it is disaster since you will lose all kinds of delicious foods. However, it is not totally true. There are many kinds of tasty vegetarian foods. Moreover, some types of vegetarian still allow you to have eggs or dairy products, so you still can have some options. Then, you are able to find various kinds of vegetables and spices. These are more than enough to provide you with great foods, and surely these are healthy and tasty.

  1. Butternut squash soup
    This is one of the recommendations that you should try. Soup is great and you are able to combine various ingredients to make the nice vegetarian soup. In this case, you are going to have butternut soup so it will be creamy. However, it is not such kinds of creamy soup that may make you uncomfortable. This is squash soup where you have sweet apples, garlic, and thyme. Apple will have crunchy texture. Garlic will give you the nice flavor to give richer taste on the creamy soup. Of course, thyme will never fail to bring nice fragrance and fresh taste on the soup. That is why the creamy soup still can have light taste and it is surely delicious.
  2. Braised chickpea and chard
    When you want to have nice source of protein, you can try this vegetarian foods. You are going to have chickpea as the star of the dish. You only need to braise the chickpeas with tomatoes. Of course, your dish will not only have these two ingredients. The braised chickpea will be combined with smoked paprika and the marinara sauce. Then, you can make it complete by adding chard. This is nice leafy green that will give you taste booster and it has good nutrient so you can have both balanced nutrients and taste in the simple dish.
  3. Cauliflower curry
    When you still need other references of vegetarian foods, you can try the cauliflower curry. Curry is great choice when you want to have nice food with strong taste. Spices on curry powder never fail to give great flavor. In this case, you will have cauliflower as the main vegetables. Then, the curry will be combined with the coconut milk. The coconut curry will be enough to give you creamy texture and great flavor. Then, the cauliflower will give you good texture on the dish. You can also add other vegetables, even the leafy greens so it can be richer in texture and flavor.


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