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Vegetarian is major option of diet. This is interesting since now many people are interested to follow the diet. There are many kinds of vegetarian, but mostly these are ways to eat by avoiding or limiting the consumption of animal-derived products. However, being vegetarian is not as simple as filling your plate with vegetables and fruits. In the end, someone needs to know how to eat vegetarian. When you are also interested to become a vegetarian, you should know the proper composition of foods that you should have in your meals. By doing this, you will be able to get full benefits of the being vegetarian and there will be more good things to obtain.

There are some recommended portions or combinations regarding the foods that you should have in every serving. These can become your guideline to start being vegetarian. Of course, it may still be negotiable since the portions of everyone’s meal can be different, and it is always better to check and ask suggestions from experts and doctors in case there are ingredients that should be avoided because of health issues. In general, these are the recommendation regarding how to eat vegetarian.

  1. Fruits and vegetables
    It can be said that fruits and vegetables will become the main foods that you should consume. In this case, the percentage is around 40% in each plate portion. There are many options, and it is still fine to have frozen, canned, and dried fruits or vegetables. Then, you may also have them in a form of juice. However, it is recommended to avoid too much consumption of processed fruits and vegetables since there are extras, such as salt, sugar, and additives.
  2. Carbohydrate
    Being vegetarian does not mean that you should avoid carbohydrate. In the end, you need this since it is the main source of energy. When the vegetables and fruits provide vitamins, mineral, and fibers, there are some recommended sources of carbohydrate. Rice, bread, and potatoes are common. Then, there are also pastas and cereals. These are possible options as the sources of carbohydrate, and percentage in each portion is around 38%. In addition to the carbohydrate, these foods provide fiber, calcium, and also B Vitamins.
  3. Protein
    Then, there should be portion of protein. It is around 12% in each plate. Some types of vegetarians allow eggs or dairy products. When you choose these types of vegetarian, then you can have more options of ingredients to supply protein in your body. However, it is still possible to get other sources, and these can be found in nuts, seeds, tofu, and legumes. In addition to the protein, these ingredients can provide fibers, vitamins, and other minerals.

Those are some of the good foods that you should pay attention to. You can maintain good vegetarian diet by following the recommendation. When you want to be healthier, you can replace the oils with olive oils or sunflower oils. These are healthier than other oils in term of fats and other factors. For sweeteners, you can replace sugar with honey. These are all things that you need to know about how to eat vegetarian.

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