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Menu Options for High Protein Vegetarian Diet Plan

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Vegetarian diet is quite interesting. It serves many benefits. Even, it can reduce the possibility of someone getting various types of cancers and heart attack. However, when it talks about the vegetarian, it is quite similar to other types of diet. It should be done based on personal preference and personal characteristic. Everyone is unique in term of their physical traits and body conditions. Some even have different requirements for the nutrients. That is why vegetarian is general terms, and it can be differentiated into more specific, such as high protein vegetarian diet plan. These are special diet program for those who need higher portion of protein.

People need higher portion of protein for various purposes. Some of them take this type of diet since they want to shape their body. Since they need to shape the muscles, they need more proteins than other people. Of course, there are other conditions why someone chooses vegetarian diet with high level of protein. As for the recommendation, there are some menus that can be chosen.

  1. First option
    For the breakfast, someone can consume whole-wheat English muffin and around1.5 tablespoon of almond butter. These are enough to provide around 281 calories and 11 gram protein, so there is energy to do the activities. For morning snack, 20 unsalted dry-roasted almonds can become tasty option. As for lunch, 1 serving of green salad with beets and edamame is enough to provide the body with 325 calories and 18 grams of protein. As for lunch snack, there can be ½ cup of raspberries. As for the dinner, 1 serving of zucchini noodles with tofu and vegetable curry can provide up to 428 calories and 16 gram proteins.
  2. Second option
    For breakfast, there is 1 serving of pudding with chia seeds, blueberry, and almond. This is enough to provide up to 229 calories and 6 grams of protein. Then, the snack is ¾ cup edamame to provide up to 150 calories and 12 gram protein. Then, the high protein vegetarian diet plan for the lunch, there is 1 serving vegan kale Caesar salad with tofu croutons. This gives 400 calories and 20 grams proteins, and the snack will be 1 cup of sliced cucumber.  For the dinner menu someone can have 1 serving vegan mushroom stroganoff. This is enough to provide the body with 430 calories and 12 grams protein.
  3. Third option
    As for the third option of high protein vegetarian diet plan, 1 serving vegan breakfast burritos become good choice. This provides 329 calories and 15 gram protein. Then, the snack is 1/3 cup raspberries for 21 calories and 1 gram protein. As for the lunch, there will be 1 serving vegan kale Caesar salad with tofu croutons. This is similar to the second menu, but it still can be replaced and mixed with other menus. Then, the snack is ½ cup edamame in pods to get 100 calories and 8 gram proteins. As for the dinner, vegan beet burgers with sweet chili slaw will be delicious meal to close the day. This provides up to 364 calories and 12 gram proteins.

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