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Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan and Options of Menus

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Vegetarian becomes one of the interesting diets. Many people choose to become vegetarian since they want to have healthier body. It is not impossible to get it, and there are many benefits from being vegetarian. However, it is always important to have good and healthy vegetarian diet plan. Health is still the main concern. Moreover, it may not be easy for someone to instantly being vegetarian since there are many foods that should be avoided and restricted, and most of them are labeled delicious since there are meats and animal-derived products.

It is still possible to have a good vegetarian diet plan. What is important is to consider the proper proportion of the food. It is true that fruits and vegetables become the core of diet program. However, each fruits and vegetables have different characteristic. That is why it is better to have balance in the composition. At least, there are consideration for carbohydrate and protein. These two nutrients are not always found in random vegetables and fruits. Meanwhile, body needs them to stay healthy. That is why it is good to maintain good balance.

As for the fruits and vegetables, it can take around 40% of portion. It can be served as main dish, but it can be snacks and juices. Then, carbohydrate takes around 38% of portion. These can be obtained from bread, pasta, rice, cereals, and oats. These provide energies and fibers for the body. As for protein, it is around 12%. The protein can be tricky since some types of vegetarian avoid animal-derived products. However, there are still nuts, seeds, and legumes that can provide enough protein for the body. As for the oils and seasoning, salt, sugar, and vegetable oils can be replaced or combined with honey, nutmeg, and other better food sources. Olive oil surely becomes best choice when it comes to health aspect. As for some choices of menu for healthy vegetarian diet plan, these are some suggestions.

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese
    This is tasty menu when it uses meats or bacons. However, minced meats can be replaced with veggie mince. As the development of vegetarian, there are many stores that can provide the veggie mince. There are even textured vegetable proteins to replace the meats. There are surely many options to create variations of menu related to the spaghetti Bolognese.
  2. Lentil lasagna
    The beef is replaced with lentils. Some people may think that it is strange, but the taste does not totally change and it is good choices for vegetarian. Chopped mushrooms can be added to give richer flavor and texture in the menu. This is surely great option to choose.
  3. Stir fry
    This can be considered as the best and easiest menu for vegetarian. There are many variations for this menu. The vegetables used for stir fry can be broccoli, baby sweetcorn, spinach, carrots, and even mushroom There are still other vegetables that can be chosen as replacement or combination. There are no specific rules so people can find many options.
  4. Salad
    Similar to stir fry, salad is also good option for healthy vegetarian diet plan. Salad is tasty with or without mayonnaise. There can be plenty of green leaves and other vegetables or fruits added into a bowl of salad. That is why people will never get bored of this menu.

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