Vegetarian Recipes

Healthy Cherry Smoothies with Cauliflower

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Vegetarian is one of the diet programs that you can find nowadays. This becomes one of the popular and effective diet programs, and that is why people have chosen this diet. In this diet, you will exclude animal-derived products and have plant-based foods as the main options. In some types of vegetarian, you still can have eggs and dairy products it also includes butter, cheese, and honey. However, there are also types of vegetarian that have different foods that should be excluded. However, in general, you cannot have meats, poultry, and pork in your ingredients.

You may think that your diet may not be interesting. It can be true since most delicious foods always include animal-derived foods. However, it does not mean that you will not get a chance to get delicious foods. There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits. Each of them has specific characteristics of taste. Then, spices still exist to help you in boosting and improving the taste. That is why there is no reason for skipping delicious foods when you are vegetarian. There are many kinds of nice recipes. In term of nutrient, you do not need to worry about it. Even, you still can get some sources of protein although you do not have eggs and dairy products in the list of ingredients.

In this case, vegetarian recipes are not only about the main dishes. You can also get good drinks to accompany your meals. In this case, juices are popular choices. Then, you can have smoothies. Although some vegetarian diets exclude milks and butter, you can easily find replacement. There is almond butter that provides healthier fats. Then, you can also have coconut milk and almond milk. They have same effects to give creamy texture without reducing the taste of smoothies that you can find by using the dairy products. As for the idea of smoothies, you can try cherry almond smoothie. These are the ingredients.

  • Ingredients

o    I cup almond milk

o    1 tablespoon almond butter

o    ½ cup frozen riced cauliflower

o    1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

o    ½ cup frozen sweet cherries

o    ½ frozen banana

  • Instructions
    1. Get all ingredients ready
    2. Prepare your blender.
    3. Add all ingredients into the blender. Blend them until they are smooth.
    4. Serve the smoothie immediately.

There are some notes that you should pay attention to. Regarding the choice of almond milk, you can choose the sweetened or unsweetened milk. You can find these two options when you are buying the almond milk. In fact, it is already sweet enough without the sugar or sweetened milk since banana and cherries will provide the sweet taste. Then, as what is mentioned before, you can replace the almond butter and milk with coconut milk. This is possible to do and there will not be any changes in its taste. It is important since some people have allergies or cannot eat almond.

Another interesting thing about the ingredients is the cauliflower. This may seem strange since this is not type of vegetables that should be added in juice or smoothies. However, it is very important aspect in the ingredient since cauliflower has fiber and other nutrients that will be beneficial for the body. Moreover, it does not affect the taste since cauliflower is plain. Furthermore, this can give more creamy texture in your smoothies.

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