Vegetarian Recipes

Fried Rice and Other Options of Vegetarian Recipes

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Vegetarian becomes popular choice of diet program. This emphasizes on plant-based foods. That is why vegetables and fruits are the main foods. Then, the diet excludes animal-based foods. In this case, specific excluded foods depend on type of vegetarian. As for vegan, there is no animal-derived product, but there are still types of vegetarian that includes eggs or dairy products. These should become attention when you want to become vegetarian. Of course, your sacrifice to exclude the animal products are worthy since you will get healthier body. Moreover, there are many choices of vegetarian recipes. Since many people become vegetarian, variations of menus and recipes are available so you still can get delicious foods even when you have no meats in the ingredients.

Being vegetarian will not be boring. Many fruits and vegetables are available so you can combine to create good menus. It is just about menu, but you can get good proportion of nutrients for your body. When you want to know some good vegetarian recipes, these can become your recommendation.

  1. Spicy mushroom and broccoli noodles
    Noodles normally have meat to increase its taste. However, it does not mean that it is compulsory to have the meat. You can have nice replacement for the meat, and it is the mushroom. Mushroom has meaty texture and the taste is quite similar. In this menu, you have shiitake or chestnut mushroom. For the stock, you can have vegetable stock cube to get the soup. Regarding the noodles, you can choose many types of noodle. Additional texture is available from the broccoli. As for the spicy taste, you can have chilli flakes. Hoisin sauce, sesame oil, onion, and garlic will become source of taste for your noodle.
  1. Spiced carrot and lentil soup
    When you want to have soup, you can choose this menu. This is nice soup with vegetable stock and milk. The combination will give you tasty and creamy texture. However, when you choose vegetarian diet that excludes dairy product, you can easily replace the milk. As alternative, coconut milk will provide the same effect and taste, and it will not be too different from milk. As the main ingredients, carrots and red lentils will give you nice texture and nutrients. Then, chilli flakes give spicy food. Together with the olive oil, these ingredients will become nice and tasty soup for your vegetarian menu.
  1. Vegetable fried rice
    Fried rice always works well for various occasions. Since you are vegetarian, you cannot have seafood or meat for ingredient. As the replacement, various veggies can become alternative. Broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, and bell peppers are good choices. Then, you can have spinach and baby kale for other greenies to make your fried rice richer. You can have eggs, but it is optional. It is because some types of vegetarian diet exclude eggs from the ingredient, but there are also diets that allow you to have eggs. As for its way of cooking, it is not different from common menus of fried rice. When you want to have healthier fried rice for your vegetarian recipes, you can use avocado oil or safflower oil that will have better benefits in term of its fat.

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