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Answer for Question: Do Vegetarians Eat Fish?

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People now have greater awareness about health. That is why there are many programs to lose weight and other things to do in order to maintain better health Diet programs are also available for those who want to replace their current diet with something better and healthier. In general, when it talks about diet and health, vegetarian can become one of discussion. Even when people talk about it, there are still many interesting things to know. In this case, there can be question of do vegetarians eat fish. This is interesting to know since mostly people know that vegetarian exclude the animal-derived products. 

It is interesting to know what should and should not be consumed as vegetarian. In general, it is true that vegetarian emphasizes in vegetables and fruits. Because of that, meats, poultry, and other animal-derived products are restricted and avoided. However, some people may think that fish is in different category. In fact, it all depends on type of vegetarians. People should know that there are some types of this diet, and each of them has characteristic or even rules regarding the foods that should be consumed or avoided. These are some of the types. 

  1. Lacto-ovo vegetarian
    This is the first type of vegetarian. In general, it excludes the fish, meat, and poultry. However, people still can consume milks, eggs, and other dairy products.
  2. Lacto vegetarian
    From its name, it is quite clear that there is word of lacto omitted from the name. It means that the only animal-derived products allowed in the diet program are egg, while dairy product, meat, and fish are avoided or excluded from the lists of menu. 
  3. Ovo vegetarian
    In this type of vegetarian, it is still allowed to have eggs in the menu. Meanwhile, fish, meats, poultry, and dairy products are excluded.
  4. Pescatarians
    In this type of vegetarian, fish is allowed in the menu. In addition, egg and dairy products are still included. However, it excludes the meats and poultry. This can become answer when someone asks do vegetarians eat fish.
  5. Flexitarian
    It can be said that in general, all animal-derived products are excluded in the menu. However, it is still possible to have fish, meat, and poultry occasionally. Mostly, people who choose this type of vegetarian want to reduce the carbon footprint and gain healthier body.

These are some types of vegetarian. From the description, it is clear that some types still includes fish into the menu. Mostly, it is the meat and poultry that should be excluded. However, there are also types of vegetarian that strictly exclude all kinds of animal-derived products. It means that main menu will be vegetables, fruits, and meat-free products. 

The option depends on each person. Every person can have different demands and requirements regarding types of diet program that should take. Even when it is classified as vegetarian, there are still more specific types that show specific types of food that should be excluded. Moreover, there are also people who choose to have high protein vegetarian diet plan, and other kinds of diet plan. It is because every person has different body and health condition. These determine what they need in term of nutrients. That is why vegetarian is not as simple as do vegetarians eat fish.

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