Vegetarian Recipes

Burger and Tacos as Ideas of Vegetarian Recipes

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Many kinds of diet program exist. You have many options when you want to start your healthy lifestyle by choosing certain diet program. When you do not want to get complicated diet program, actually you can choose vegetarian. In some ways, vegetarian is quite simple since basically you only need to avoid and exclude animal-derived products and have plant-based foods as the main ingredients. With these options of foods, you can have many kinds of vegetarian recipes. Of course, there are some types of vegetarian that still allows eggs or dairy products. Thus, you still can have good sources of protein and additional ingredients to serve delicious menus.

There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits. That is why it will not be too difficult to get many kinds of delicious meals as part of your vegetarian diet. Even, you can have fruits and vegetables as your snacks and juices so you can have better options. Regarding the main dish, these are some options of vegetarian recipes.

  1. Lentil tacos
    Tacos can be snack and main dish. However, what makes it different from regular tacos is that you will not find any meaty ingredient. It is fully plant-based foods. The ground beef will be replaced by lentils. As for the filling, it is not only lentils. You have onion, tomato paste, adobo sauce, garlic and olive oil. As for the tacos, you will need tortillas, lettuces, wedged-cut lime, cilantro, and also guacamole. Since it is taco, you need spices to get stronger taste. Spices that you will need are chilli powder, fennel seed, dried oregano, cumin, salt, and coriander. There are many ingredients, but the process is not too complicated and it will not take much time to prepare the dish.
  1. Black bean veggie burger
    As vegetarian, you still can have burger. However, you cannot have burger with meats or ham. As the result, you will have black bean as the filling of your burger. Even so, it is still a delicious burger and you will not regret for preparing the dish. As for ingredients, you need the black beans, green bell pepper, onion and garlic. Then, you still need egg. That is why it is better to pay attention to the ingredient since some types of vegetarian exclude eggs from the ingredient. Of course, it is fine to exclude it from the burger ingredient. As for the spices and seasoning, you can have chilli powder, chilli sauce, and cumin. You should also prepare the bread for its burger.
  1. Blueberry smoothie bowl
    When you want to have smoothie, you can make an interesting vegetarian menu. This is not just simple smoothie, you will get a bowl full of nice ingredients to create tasty dish. As for the main ingredients for smoothie, you need blueberries, banana, vanilla extract, cashew butter, and also water. Cashew butter is chosen since regular butter may not be suitable for vegetarian diet. As for the topping, you can have banana, sliced almond, and shredded coconut. You only need to use blender to prepare the smoothie, and later you can the smoothie and its toppings on a bowl. This surely becomes one of the great and simple vegetarian recipes.

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