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Vegetarian Food Pyramid

Vegetarian Food Pyramid Guidelines

Fats, Oils, Sweets
Use sparingly

Milk, Yogurt, Cheese
2-3 servings daily

Vegan/non-dairy food sources rich in calcium include: poppy seeds, sesame seeds, tofu, fortified soy milk, almonds, soy beans, figs, haricot beans, spinach, brazil nuts, chickpeas, kale, broccoli, spring greens, white cabbage, plus rice or oat drinks fortified with calcium.
See also Calcium in Vegan Diet

Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Eggs, Meat Substitutes
2-3 servings daily

3-5 servings daily

2-4 servings daily

Bread, Rice, Cereal, Pasta
6-11 servings daily


Vegetarian Food Pyramid - Number of Servings

The number of servings are based on caloric need. If you are sedentary, choose the lower numbers, such as six servings of grains. If very active, choose the 11 servings of grains.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid - Serving Sizes

To find out what counts as a serving of foods from the various vegetarian/vegan food groups listed above, see Vegetarian Food Servings

For an ultra-simple Vegetarian Diet which you can adjust to any calorie-level, see Vegetarian Diet Program

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Sources include: US Department of Agriculture

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet Information
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