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The Vegetarian Society uses two defnitions of a vegetarian:

1) A vegetarian is someone that lives on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits with, or without, the use of dairy products and eggs.


2) A vegetarian does not eat meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, or by-products of slaughter.

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Vegetarians & Vegetarianism Vegetarian Introduction

Vegetarian Diet Questions
Vegetarian Types
Vegetarian Diet Myths
Becoming Vegetarian
Vegetarian Nutrition
Vegan Nutrition
Macrobiotic Diet
Ovo Lacto Vegetarians
Part/Semi Vegetarian
Vegan Diet
Vegetarian Diet Articles
Vegetarian Diet Issues
Vegetarian Diet Program
Vegetarian Diet Plan

Vegetarian Nutrition Information Vegetarian Nutrition

Calcium in Vegetarian Diet
Iron in Vegetarian Diet
Protein in Vegetarian Diet
Vitamin B12 in Diet
Zinc in Vegetarian Diet
Potassium, Iodine in Diet
Vegetarian Diet Carbs
Fiber in Diet Plan
Fat in Vegetarian Diet
Essential Fatty Acids
Vitamin A for Vegetarians
Vitamin D for Vegetarians
Vegetarian Foods
Vegetarian Diet Nutrition

Vegan Nutrition Vegan Nutrition

Vegan Diet Nutrition
Calcium in Vegan Diet
Protein in Vegan Diet
Vitamin B12 & Vegan Diet
Iron in Vegan Diet

Vegetarian Diet Health Vegetarianism & Health

Health Benefits Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarian Diet Mortality
Vegetarian Heart Disease
Hypertension, Blood Pressure
Diabetes & Vegetarian Health
Gallstones & Vegetarian Health
Cancer & Vegetarian Health
Breast Cancer & Vegetarianians
Osteoporosis & Vegetarians
Prostate Cancer & Vegetarians
Colon Cancer & Vegetarians

Vegetarian Diet Articles Vegetarian Diet Articles

Vegetarian Diet: Adolescents,Teenagers
Female Vegetarians - Eating Disorders
Vegetarian Eating: Is It Healthier
Popularity of Vegetarian Diets
Vegetarianism: Trends
Vegetarian Diet, Soy & Hypospadias
Vegan Diet Health Risks: Calcium
Vegetarianism Awareness
Vegetarian Diet Reduces Heart Risk
Vegetarian Diet Pyramid
Vegetarian Diet Good For Health
Vegetarian Diets: Meal Planning
Health Risks of Vegetarian Diets
Vegetarian Diets: Cancer Study
Vegetarianism, Health & Environment

Vegetarian Dietary Carbs Vegetarians & Carbs

Carbs in Vegetables

Vegetarian Dietary Guidelines Dietary Guidelines

US Vegetarian Dietary Guidelines
Vegetarian Food Pyramid
Vegetarian Foods Servings
Vegetarian Diets ADA Position
Non-Vegetarian Foods in Diets

Body Weight & Body Fat & Obesity Body Weight & Fat

Overweight & Obesity
Obesity & Vegetarian Diet
Body Mass Index
Healthy Weight
Body Fat Percentage
Body Fat Distribution
Weight Related Risks
Obesity Health Risks

Weight Loss Diets Weight Loss Methods

Fad Diets
Weight Loss Surgery
Weight Loss Pills
Weight Loss Products

How to Lose Weight How to Lose Weight

Vegetarian Weight Loss
Weight Loss Advice
Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet
Weight Control - Vegetarians
Weight Loss Newsletter
Weight Loss & Exercise

Calories & Metabolism Calories & Metabolism

Calorie Needs
Calories & Weight Gain/Loss
Metabolism & Metabolic Rate
Calorie Content of Vegetables

Weight & Overweight Problems Weight Problems

Underweight Health Risks
Cellulite Reduction
Weight Cycling
Weight Loss Plateau
Anorexia - Vegetarians

Free Vegetarian Diet Recipes Vegetarian Diet Recipes

Vegetarian Diet Recipes

Vegetarian Foods Vegetarian Soy Foods

Vegetarian Soy Foods

Weight Loss Diet Links Vegetarian Weight Loss Links

Weight Loss Diet Links
Vegetarian Diet Links
Weight Loss Diet Information Links
Weight Loss Diet Pills Links
Weight Loss Diet Support Links
Weight Loss Exercise Fitness Links
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